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Competition among businesses is fierce for top-tier talent. Even filling lower-end positions can be a challenge in the current economy, where qualified job candidates can take their pick from among numerous offers. 

How can your small and medium business stand out in this competitive, candidate-driven market? One way is by providing an exceptional candidate experience.

What is candidate experience?

Candidate experience puts the spotlight on the job seeker’s experience of your company. From the moment they read the job description through the interview process and follow-up communications. Every interaction is an opportunity for them to learn about your business and for you to build a relationship that makes them want to work at your company. 

Three keys to improving candidate experience

The first key to improving candidate experience is simply to recognize its importance and put time and energy into improving it. That means reviewing every interaction a typical job seeker has with your business—your website, job descriptions, social media, interview process, and communications throughout the hiring process. Asking current employees about their experiences is one way to gather feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

A second key to improving candidate experience is to communicate clearly and frequently. Almost inevitably, you’ll find that you could communicate more often with candidates to build your relationship with them and keep them engaged. Providing prompt communication before and after interviews, will convey professionalism and show them that you are interested. It’s also essential to communicate with candidates you won’t be hiring because they might apply for a different position later. They may know others who will do the same.

A third key to improve the candidate experience is to ensure that your interview process is fair and engaging. Candidates should enter the process feeling fully informed about what to expect, including details about where to park or which software will be used for virtual interviews. The experience itself should be designed to build a relationship, with structured interviews that ensure fairness and consistency.

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