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If you hear crickets when you post job openings, one reason may be that there are flaws in your job descriptions. Here are five tips to use when writing job descriptions to make them more effective and expand the pool of candidates you attract.


Tip #1: Be clear and direct when writing job descriptions

Especially today, job candidates are not likely to wade through lengthy job descriptions. Be clear and direct, using bullet points where possible to express your key points. For further guidance, look at job descriptions at similar organizations to see how the length of yours compares.


Tip #2: Highlight key details

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes: They are probably scanning numerous job descriptions and winnowing their choices based on important factors like what level of experience is necessary and whether the position offers remote or hybrid options. 


Make sure your job descriptions clearly convey those key details. Don’t bury them deep in the job description—make them easy to find, so you not only attract more candidates but also attract those who are the right fit for the job.


Tip #3: Make some requirements optional

Think about the hard-and-fast requirements in your job descriptions, such as requiring that candidates have a certain degree or a certain number of years of experience. Is the requirement essential? If so, keep it. But if not, consider making it optional or expanding your definition of who qualifies. 


By being more flexible with some requirements, you can attract bright, capable candidates with different life experiences, including many people who are currently shifting to new careers that are outside their original field of study.


Tip #4: Align with advertising strategies

Make sure your job descriptions align with any advertising your organization is doing. If an ad says you offer work-from-home options but your job description doesn’t, candidates might be turned off.  


Tip #5: Sell yourself

Be sure that your employer brand is reflected in your job descriptions. You don’t want to go on and on about yourself, but quality candidates are deciding between multiple options, so they need to know why they should work for you instead of for another organization. 


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