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If your job postings are attracting a lot of applicants, that’s great news! Unless most of the candidates aren’t qualified, in which case you’ll waste hours sifting through dozens or hundreds of applications to find (hopefully) the rare few that are worth your time.   

If this is happening to you—if your postings attract a lot of applications from candidates who aren’t qualified—a likely source of the problem is your job descriptions. 

Are your job descriptions updated?

One common mistake employers make is to re-use old job descriptions without reading through them carefully. Make sure to update every description before posting to make sure they align with the current responsibilities of the role. 

Are your job descriptions accurate?

It’s important to collaborate with HR and the hiring manager to make sure everyone is aligned on the vision of what an ideal candidate looks like for each position, including not only skills but also personality traits and intangibles. That vision needs to come across in the job description. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably receive applications from a wide range of candidates—many of whom are either not qualified or not in line with your vision.

Are your job descriptions specific enough?

Your job descriptions need to be specific about hard-and-fast requirements, such as minimum years of experience and software proficiencies. If you don’t spell out exactly what you need, you’ll attract candidates who don’t even realize that they’re not qualified.

Is your job description transparent?

If your job description is vague about expectations and benefits, you’ll receive more applications from the wrong candidates. Be sure to detail duties and responsibilities of the job. If possible, include the salary range and work-from-home policies. List all the benefits, beginning with medical and retirement, but also including training, leadership development, employee assistance programs, and other benefits that might attract top candidates.

Does your job description sell your organization?

Another way to narrow the field to only the best applicants is to reflect your company brand in the job description. If you clearly communicate your culture and key values, you’ll attract more candidates who are not only qualified but also truly excited to work for your organization. And you’ll reduce the number of applicants who are looking for a different type of work experience—saving both them and you a lot of time and trouble.

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