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Writing effective job descriptions can be tricky. Traditionally, businesses take job descriptions literally—as places to describe position openings, typically using long paragraphs, lengthy lists of requirements, and boilerplate copy. Most job descriptions are not personable or compelling, but then they’re not supposed to be, right?

Wrong. These days, job descriptions offer a valuable chance to stand out from the crowd, engage the right candidates, and build your business brand. In a competitive job market, why waste such a rich opportunity?

Don’t just describe your business—sell it

Instead of including the usual lengthy paragraph about your business—usually pulled from a mission statement or other source that interested candidates can find elsewhere—think about what serious candidates are most interested in.

You might talk about what it’s like to work at your business, the benefits and perks you offer, the tenure of your existing employees, advancement opportunities, your diversity and inclusion policies, or whatever else your existing employees value most. The point is to sell your ideal job candidate on the opportunity to join your business, instead of simply telling them things they should already know.

Make your job description readable

Imagine that you’re the one searching for a job. Odds are, you’re not going to read every one of dozens or hundreds of job description from top to bottom. Instead, you’ll probably skim until you find one that interests you.

As a business owner, keep that in mind when writing your job descriptions. Turn your long paragraphs and sentences into short ones, use subheads and bullets to make content more skimmable, and use bold print to highlight key points. Simply by making your job description look better, you’ll attract more attention, and the right candidates will be drawn in to read more.

Be personable

When writing effective job descriptions, picture the ideal candidate and write directly to them. Instead of saying something impersonal like, “The ideal candidate will display a high level of expertise in project management to ensure achievement of OKRs,” use a conversational approach that will make your business more inviting and your job description more concise.

Eliminate unnecessary acronyms and use words like “we” and “you”—remember, you’re talking to your ideal candidate. For example, you might write, “As a Project Manager, you’ll lead X department as part of our global team of management experts.” This direct, personable approach helps candidates envision themselves working at your company. And for the right candidates, it creates excitement about what they’ll be able to do as part of your team.

Get the help you need

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