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When you have a position to fill at your business, you need a few things: You need to find qualified candidates. You need to find those candidates right away. And you need the whole process to be as efficient and low-cost as possible.

The question is whether you’re more likely to get the results you want by posting on a job board like ZipRecruiter or or by hiring a recruitment agency. Let’s compare the benefits of each.

Benefits of Job Boards

The main benefit of job boards is that your posts can quickly reach a broad audience of job seekers. However, that benefit also leads to one of the significant drawbacks of job boards, which is that you might receive hundreds of applications for a single position, which means you will have to spend valuable time filtering through all those applications to find what you hope will be a few quality candidates.

The ease with which candidates can apply for positions through job boards also causes headaches for businesses because you might find yourself inundated with applications from candidates who are not really interested in your company. Some are likely to have applied for countless positions without researching them, and others may have left their resumes on the board even though they’ve been hired already by another business.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies bring a personal touch to the hiring process that can lead to a variety of benefits. They specialize in attracting and screening high-quality candidates, and they typically have a vast network of qualified job seekers that they can reach out to when they have an open role.

The quality of the recruitment agency matters. You want an experienced agency that has expertise in your specific industry and understands the related market trends, skills, and salary levels. They should also have a proven process for locating qualified candidates using the latest technology and business intelligence tools.

Perhaps most importantly, the agency you hire should be willing and able to build a long-term relationship with your business, so they understand the work you do and the types of candidates you want to attract. By building that relationship, the agency can find and hire the workers you need in less time and ensure that you’re hiring the right people—people who will be good at their job and will stay with your company for years.

Get the Recruitment Support You Need

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