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“Hire the right person.” It has never been easy, and it’s only getting more difficult. During the pandemic, most interviews are taking place online, which poses new challenges in assessing the character and personality of job candidates. 


Other challenges are longstanding, including the ease with which you can post openings on numerous online job sites, resulting in a flood of applications from both qualified and non-qualified candidates. How can you quickly sift through so many candidates to identify the person who is most qualified, motivated, and ready to help your business succeed?


Here are five tips to help you make the right choice with a minimum investment of time and resources.


Tip #1: Learn from the past

Take stock of your previous hiring decisions. What was your process and what was the result? If you didn’t find enough qualified candidates, you might want to increase your reach. If you made a poor hiring decision, take a close look at how the decision was made and where you went wrong.


Tip #2: Write a meaningful job description

Generic job descriptions will attract all sorts of applicants who are not right for the job or your company. Write a job description that very clearly describes what the job will entail and what qualities and qualifications are required and preferred. Make sure the interview team is on board and will evaluate candidates based on those criteria.


Tip #3: Avoid the charisma trap

A bright smile, strong handshake, and friendly demeanor are all wonderful traits, but they do not necessarily mean that a person is the right candidate for the job. Make sure that your interview team rates each candidate on specific criteria and qualifications—not on charisma.


Tip #4: Look for a growth mindset

Ask questions to determine whether a candidate has a fixed mindset (believing intelligence and abilities are fixed traits) or a growth mindset (effort and persistence are the key to success). For instance, you might ask them to tell you about their biggest failure or how they responded to a tough piece of feedback. As companies like Microsoft have learned, employees with growth mindsets are more likely to tackle challenges and improve over time—exactly what you want in new employees.


Tip #5: Involve more people

Make sure that the hiring process—from writing the job description to screening and selecting candidates—involves a broad spectrum of employees, including staff and managers who will work closely with the new employee. Their insights are valuable, and giving a voice to more people will help ensure their buy-in when the hiring decision is made.


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