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Like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it’s already making a significant impact on the hiring process. The question for small and medium businesses is how best to take advantage of the opportunities presented by how AI is changing recruiting while avoiding some of the pitfalls some companies have already encountered.

These are four ways AI is changing recruiting, and what these changes mean for small and medium businesses.

1) AI Can Save Recruiters a Lot of Time

There are some things that AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing already do much faster than humans, like writing job descriptions and generating interview questions in seconds. Recruiters can take advantage of how AI is changing recruiting at every stage of the hiring process to increase efficiency and open up more time for strategic, value-added work.

2) AI Can Help You Reduce Bias in Hiring

Unconscious bias is a longstanding problem in the hiring process, as well-meaning and well-trained people may still tend to recruit and hire people who look and sound like them. AI has the potential to eliminate human bias and accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring. 

The challenge is that AI is programmed by humans, so it must be monitored closely as bias can still creep in. The good news is that, unlike humans, AI can quickly be re-taught to fix its errors and avoid bias.

3) AI Will Continue to Get Better

We’re still in the early years of AI, where the content it produces is often clunky and factually flawed. That will change. AI has already been used for years for recruiting websites like LinkedIn, and you can expect to see more features and capabilities emerging every year. Already, AI tools are available to help you sort applications, schedule interviews, develop and refine skills assessments, and source top candidates from major job boards.

4) AI Will Not Replace Human Recruiters

For the foreseeable future, human recruiters will still be needed—and may be even more valued as AI takes over repetitive work and skilled recruiters get to focus on the strategic work they do best. 

Chatbots and other AI tools can communicate, but they can’t match a human employee’s soft skills—like the ability to build a relationship, read between the lines, offer empathy and understanding to candidates, and persuade employees with charm and personal stories. For that, small and medium businesses still need to hire quality people.   

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Insero Talent Solutions has decades of experience working with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. Our recruiting services team understands how AI is changing recruiting and uses the latest AI tools and can help you find and hire better candidates in less time, while also providing a great candidate experience that improves employee retention.


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