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The Great Resignation and other impacts from the pandemic have made this is an especially challenging time to recruit and hire workers. Demand is outpacing supply, which has ramped up the pressure on businesses to hire fast—before the competition swoops in. But hiring in a hurry also comes at a cost, if you end up with the wrong employee for the job.

Here are four tips to help you hire fast and hire well by addressing timing issues in your recruiting cycle.

1. Know what you want 

Hiring managers can’t afford to say, “I’ll know what I want when I see it.” These days, you need to go into the hiring process with a clear understanding of who you are looking to hire. It’s partly about having a detailed job description, but it’s also about having a deep understanding of the qualities that your business needs in different positions to continue to grow and flourish.

2. Get ready to jump

Good applicants are receiving multiple offers, so you need to be ready to move fast when you find the right person for the job. A full end-to-end hiring process needs to be in place before you even begin, including a clear, fast-moving process for recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and making strong offers to the right candidate.

3. Be proactive

Before the pandemic, you might have gotten away with taking days or weeks to review applications as they came in. Now, you need to be far more proactive to find the best candidates before they’ve received multiple offers. Busy as they are, recruiters and hiring managers need to work together to prioritize the hiring process and make sure there are no bottlenecks in the system.

4. Decide quickly

Decision-makers need to be available throughout the hiring process, and once a decision is made, a strong offer needs to be made immediately. Waiting to find an even better candidate—searching for the “unicorn”—is typically not a good option in a tight labor market.

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