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5 Reasons You’re Not Finding the Right Candidates

With millions of Americans out of work, and many more searching for new careers and opportunities, you might think it would be easy to find good, qualified job candidates to fill empty positions. But you would be wrong.

Organizations often spend months searching for the right person—someone who is not only experienced and highly skilled but also the right fit for the company culture. Dozens to hundreds of résumés must be reviewed to winnow the list of candidates. Then round after round of interviews needs to be conducted, leading to a hire that may still feel like a giant leap into the unknown. 

There are at least five main reasons so many organizations struggle to find and hire the right candidates.

1. Lack of time

You have a business to run, so every hour you and your staff are pulled away to find, interview, and hire candidates is a lost hour of productivity. That makes it easy to rush the process or settle for candidates who aren’t quite the right fit.

2. Lack of expertise

Most small businesses are not in the business of recruiting. You do it occasionally, when you have to, each time hoping that you can figure out the latest methods to find the right candidates. That puts you in a tough position compared to organizations that outsource to recruitment agencies that work all day, every day, to find and attract qualified candidates.

3. Poor targeting

Do you know which job boards you should use, and which ones you should avoid, for the various types of positions you’re looking to fill? The answer changes all the time, making it likely you’re not always reaching the best candidates.

4. Insufficient vetting processes

It is important to verify candidate information like qualifications and references, and in many cases, you’ll also need to run background checks. Because they’re so time-consuming, it is easy to skip these steps or rush through them, missing red flags that could later prove costly. 

5. Lack of proper filtering systems

Sifting through dozens to hundreds of résumés and applications takes a lot of time, and the task is often performed by non-experts who are in a hurry to get the job done. As a result, you might be overlooking qualified candidates and schedule interviews with the wrong people for the job.  

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About the Author: Benjamin Vassallo

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