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If you’re looking for top talent in the tech industry, you are not alone. Regardless of headline-grabbing stories about layoffs by Fortune 500 companies, the on-the-ground reality for small and medium tech companies is that there aren’t enough highly qualified candidates to go around. 

These seven strategies can help you attract and hire top talent, regardless of how competitive the market is in your specific industry and region.

1) Know your audience

Are you looking to hire new graduates or professionals with a decade or more of experience under their belt? Understanding your target candidates’ age, skill level, and expectations is essential in crafting your pitches and hiring processes.

2) Meet candidate expectations

Workplaces and worker expectations have changed a lot in the few short years following the pandemic. Workers who a decade ago expected free food and fun Fridays are now more likely to expect businesses to show a commitment to work-life balance, personal well-being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  

3) Emphasize flexibility

Another expectation among many of today’s top candidates is for employers to offer flexible work environments. Most don’t want to work at the office full-time and instead prefer employers that offer remote-only or hybrid options. If you don’t offer those options yet, it may be time to reconsider.

4) Add perks

Offering fair pay, thorough training, and advancement opportunities will help your business compete. In addition, it won’t hurt to stand out by offering eye-catching perks like access to mental health apps or other resources, gym memberships, and highly flexible time off. 

5) Keep recruiting

Even if you don’t have an open position right now, an active recruiting strategy in which you continually build relationships with potential candidates is a smart move that will enable you to hire faster when a job does open up.  

6) Plan ahead

Competition can be fierce for top candidates, so make sure you’re ready to compete. That means preparing now by updating your compensation, benefits, perks, and workplace structure. And it means preparing your recruiting and hiring process, so it runs smoothly when you need it most.

7) Take advantage of recruiting specialists

Employee expectations, recruiting trends, and AI and other technology used for recruiting are all changing fast. Especially in a highly competitive industry like tech, it can be smarter and more efficient to hire outside experts to assist in the recruitment and hiring process. At the same time, you stay focused on your bottom line.

Get the support you need

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