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The workplace is changing—fast. Here we’ll discuss four workplace trends for 2022 that are going to continue to reshape how and where we work. Understanding these trends can help businesses recruit new workers, even in the midst of the Great Resignation.


Trend #1: More employee turnover

Employee turnover will continue to rise in 2022, in part because hybrid and remote work creates weaker social and emotional connections. Without loyalty to coworkers, employees are more likely to depart for greener pastures. In addition, workers have more job opportunities to pull them away, since geography is less of a limiting factor with today’s flexible work models.

For businesses trying to recruit workers in 2022, continuing high turnover means you have to offer flexibility in how, where, and when people work. Doing so will help you attract top talent and retain workers for longer.


Trend #2: More in-office work

Despite worker preference for hybrid and remote work options, expect to see more businesses demanding that employees return to the office full-time in 2022, for several reasons:

  • Some business leaders believe that hybrid and remote work models lead to poor business performance.
  • Hybrid work might lead to higher employee turnover and a perceived loss of organizational culture.
  • Some hybrid and remote employees work multiple jobs at the same time, frustrating employers.

While the temptation to return to the in-office work model is understandable, if you want to recruit and retain workers, you’re still better off offering the flexibility of hybrid and remote work.


Trend #3: New expectations for managers

In 2022, you’ll see more automation of repetitive managerial tasks like scheduling and approving reports. That will leave businesses with a choice between reducing the number of managers or changing what it means to be a manager.

To recruit top talent and reduce attrition, you’ll want to increase the human connection between managers and employees. Instead of performing manual tasks, managers can work closely with their charges to support their careers and help them balance life and work.

Trend #4: Wellness becomes an employee metric

Look for businesses to adopt new employee well-being measures in 2022 to measure the financial, mental, and physical health of their employees. The data can be used to predict employee performance and retention. It can also be used to help recruit workers who are attracted to businesses that show concern over the health and welfare of their employees.


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